Solutions Manual for the Guide to Energy Management, 8th edition

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 eBook Description

This practical study guide serves as a valuable companion text, providing worked out solutions to all of the problems presented in Guide to Energy Management, Eighth Edition. Covering each chapter in sequence, the author has provided detailed instructions to guide you through every step in the problems solving process. You’ll find all the help you need to fully master and apply the state of heart concepts and strategies presented in Guide to Energy Management.

  1. Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1: Introduction to Energy Management
    • Chapter 2: The Energy Audit Process: An Overview
    • Chapter 3: Understanding Energy Bills
    • Chapter 4: Economic Analysis and Life Cycle Costing
    • Chapter 5: Electrical Systems
    • Chapter 6: Lighting
    • Chapter 7: Motors and Drives
    • Chapter 8: Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
    • Chapter 9: Combustion Processes and the Use of Industrial Wastes
    • Chapter 10: Steam Generation and Distribution
    • Chapter 11: Control Systems and Computers
    • Chapter 12: Maintenance
    • Chapter 13: Insulation
    • Chapter 14: Process Energy Management
    • Chapter 15: Renewable Energy Sources and Water Management
Author: Klaus-Dieter E. Pawlik

ISBN: 9788770224512