EVO-approved instructors are M&V (Measurement & Verification) experts authorized by EVO´s Training Committee to provide attendees with M&V training. Instructors have a teaching background and experience in the field of M&V. They are approved by the Training Committee and must renew their instructor status periodically. Based on the degree of knowledge and expertise in the M&V field, EVO qualifies instructors into three different levels: L2, L3, and L4, each of them with various attributes.The PMVA training programs are taught by L3 or L4 instructors who have gone thru EVO’s extensive approval process and who possess extensive experience on the Measurement Verification & IPMVP industry. They present the latest IPMVP best practices, M&V plans, Options for whole or partial retrofits, reporting, and opportunities for continuous improvement of energy savings.  The course will be instructed by one of the EVO approved instructors listed below. 

EVO Level 4 Instructor
Bruce Rowse, of 8020Green, is a trainer (and consultant), with a background in energy efficiency. Bruce founded and subsequently sold an early home-grown Australian Energy Services Company, and worked as an energy efficiency policy advisor in Malaysia for the Building Sector Energy Efficiency Project.

Bruce represents the Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating on Australian and New Zealand Standards Committee EN001: Energy Management and Energy Auditing. He has worked with hundreds of buildings in Australia, and in sea ports across eight countries, to reduce their carbon footprint. Bruce delivers training in demand response/flexible demand, energy management, energy auditing, measurement and verification, metering technologies, and in emerging areas associated with clean energy. He is a guest lecturer at Melbourne University and RMIT University, and trains for the Energy Efficiency Council and the Sustainability Education Academy. He is Chair of the Efficiency Valuation Organization's (EVO) training committee - EVO delivers training globally in over five languages. Bruce's main focus is on developing energy and sustainability related skills and competence.


EVO Level 3 Instructor
Todd Amundson, P.E.
is currently employed as the industrial engineer technical lead at Bonneville Power Administration in Energy Efficiency, where, amongst other things, he manages the development, training and application of BPA’s Measurement & Verification Protocols and Guidelines, including a Selection Guide.   A new BPA Commercial and Industrial SEM M&V Reference Guide was completed in March 2022.  This body of work provides the BPA Pacific Northwest utility customer service territory with an overview of protocols, application and reference guides and documentation for determining verifiable, reliable energy savings.

Todd currently serves on the Efficiency Valuation Organization's (EVO) IPMVP technical committee and several subcommittees, as well as the Pacific Northwest SEM Collaborative leadership team and M&V working group.

EVO Level 4 Instructor
Mark Stetz, P.E.
has nearly 30 years of experience supporting performance contracts from both sides of the table. He currently works for Iconergy, a Colorado-centric energy services & consulting firm providing performance contracts to local government entities. Prior to Iconergy, Mr. Stetz supported the US DOE’s FEMP ESPC program as an M&V specialist and contributed to the FEMP M&V Guidelines 2.2, 3.0 and 4.0. More recently, he worked with Tarshid in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia developing their performance contract M&V processes.

He has been active in EVO, serving as the Chair of the Training Committee (2009 – 2010), developed and presented EVO’s first Advanced M&V classes, and taught the first CMVP classes in Beijing China and Amman Jordan.


EVO Level 3 Instructor
Nataka White
is a Sustainability and Energy Consultant specializing in commissioning, energy cost savings analysis, field testing analysis, and portfolio level sustainability solutions for Arup, a global Engineering Consulting firm.

Nataka has a diversified knowledge base, he has developed M&V plans and implemented M&V activities for several types of projects, ranging from facility decarbonization strategies, energy efficiency, utility energy efficiency programs, zero net energy projects, LEED NC/EBOM projects and ESPC projects. His meticulous mindset helps clients reach their full carbon, energy and operational aspirations, which is especially noted in his work with the PG&E On-Bill finance program in Northern California.