DENIS TANGUAY, Executive Director, Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO)
Prior to joining EVO, Denis was a senior consultant with 30 years experience providing advice and expertise to clients in industry and governments in Canada and in other countries. As a consultant, his expertise included an extensive policy and market analysis of energy systems in northern and isolated communities, a green financing market study in the renewable energy sector, a blueprint for a building re-commissioning investment fund, energy efficiency program design, as well as various government relation mandates. Denis has written and published several technical articles, research papers and position papers on energy, energy efficiency, measurement & Verification, the International Performance Measurement Verification Protocol (IPMVP) as well as geothermal heat pump market, energy market transformation strategies and advance energy project financing. He has testified at PUB hearings in Québec on electricity issues, in parliamentary commissions at the Québec National Assembly and before House of Commons and Senate of Canada committees. Denis currently oversees and participated in various energy service, M&V and finance committees. 


With over 22 years of experience in the water, construction, and energy and sustainability industries, Rajvant has a plethora of experience from winning multi-million pound projects, to managing teams, through to the delivery of energy related projects. Currently, she works on innovation projects related to Smart Local energy systems as CEO of Bankenergi, on energy and flexibility trading and measurement and verification of energy savings. She also operates the independent measurement and verification of energy efficiency savings company, ivees where she is involved in the delivery of M&V services for energy performance contracts. She has to date, trained over 2,000 individuals globally in measurement and verification and remains involved as the British Standards Institute expert in developing International (ISO) standards in the areas of energy management systems. 


An internationally recognized HVAC and TAB consultant, instructor and author. Sam has consulted on projects for testing and balancing, performance evaluation, design, retrofit and commissioning of HVAC systems for cleanroom facilities, corporate headquarters, government facilities, office complexes, hotels, hospitals, fume hood labs, major retail establishments, military installations, nuclear power plants, private and public schools, colleges and universities.   Mr. Sugarman was an adjunct professor at San Diego City College, and has also instructed over 250 HVAC, TAB and energy management training programs and seminars for various organizations, including AEE, ASHRAE, and the National Energy Management Institute. He has authored several books and training manuals on topics in the areas of his expertise and has received numerous awards and special recognition for his accomplishments. He currently serves as Board Chairman of the International Registry of CTAB Professionals.


WALTER "WALLY" BRIGHT, President, Institute of Energy Professionals (IEP)
Wally's goal is to provide practical and impactful energy management training backed by expertise in energy efficiency. Walter Bright is the lead instructor for all IEP training, instructing topics such as HVAC and Building Automation Systems (BAS), as well as other building-system and energy-related subjects. Prior to IEP, Wally spent five years in the building automation field as a contractor, designing open-protocol, multi-vendor, Tridium-based control systems for a variety of facilities, including schools, data centers, water treatment plants, and others. He helped produce shop drawings and created standards/best practices for the company to ensure quality installations. Wally has experience in the A&E industry as well, 
performing MEP design for the healthcare and research/lab sectors. In addition to traditional design work, he helped create standardized BAS specifications, sequence of operations, and provided controls-related oversight on a variety of projects. He also led equipment startups and several investigations to identify mechanical/controls-related issues with new and existing construction. Working both as a contractor and an engineer has enabled Wally to gain a unique insight into the BAS/controls marketplace.


GENE BECK, CEM, CLP, Green NRG Institute
A the team leader for the energy project finance series of courses and is the Executive Director of the Green NRG Institute in Orange, California. Green NRG is a non profit 501(c)3 organization with a focus of education on the business aspects of the U.S. energy sector and corporate leadership training. Mr. Beck has served on five environmental advisory boards and 12 compliance task forces at the South Coast Air Quality Management District in Southern California, two small business environmental and small business financing task forces in Sacramento for the State of California, and several environmental task forces with the EPA in Washington, D.C. Additionally, he is a past member of the Southern California Association of Governments Energy Advisory Board, past President and executive board member of the Southern California chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), and past board member of the Orange County Engineering Council. He was the AEE annual conference chairman in 2008 on AB32 Legislation and Implementation, and the Co-chairman of the 2009 AEE annual conference on Energy Solutions: CleanTech and Renewable Energy.