M&V Planning in Practice (PMVE Certification Preparatory)

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Live Webinar Overview

Earn 16 PDH | 1.6 CEU
(Certificate of completion is given out by EVO, which is a recognized nonprofit training provider for professional development hours)

By attending the M&V Planning in Practice seminar, attendees will take a deeper dive into an M&V plan, develop and build upon what they have learned in the M&V Fundamentals and IPMVP course, as well as their own work experience. By passing the Performance Measurement and Verification Expert (PMVE) certification exam (and submitting to EVO the required experience documents), attendees will earn the “Expert” designation elevating them in the M&V field. The Performance Measurement and Verification Expert designation demonstrates an attendee’s willingness to take their M&V game plans to the next level as well as demonstrating a deep domain knowledge of measurement and verification and its practical application. Attendees at every stage showcase their commitment to M&V and energy efficiency. They will be able to produce an M&V report, prepare an IPMVP compliant plan along with associated calculations, and understand the challenges associated with the practical application of M&V. The live webinar format enables attendees to interact with the instructor. 


  • M&V Fundamentals and IPMVP® training course (PMVA or other current M&V Certification sponsored by EVO prior to 2022)


  • All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.
  • Participants interested in receiving the Performance Measurement and Verification Expert (PMVE) certification must take the certification exam.
  • More about the certification and qualifications needed
  • Attendees will receive the certification portal log-in information to upload their work and educational experience documentation shortly after signing up for seminar.


  • EVO has deployed this training program since 2019
  • Duration: 4 days webinar + 4 hours to complete the PMVE exam.
  • Learning approach: practical
  • Reflects the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP)
  • EVO’s senior instructor team supports this program through continuous review


  • Understand the challenges associated with the practical application of M&V
  • Be able to prepare an IPMVP compliant plan along with the associated M&V calculations
  • Be able to review an M&V plan for compliance with the IPMVP
  • Be able to produce an M&V report compliant with the IPMVP


  1. Introduction
  2. Practical M&V Challenges
    -With Energy Performance Contracts
    -With Utility Energy Efficiency Schemes
  3. IPMVP Adherent M&V Plan in detail
    - Before ECMs are Implemented
    - The 14 Elements of the Plan
    - Adherence
  4. M&V Calculations in Practice
  5. M&V Plan in Practice
  6. M&V Plan Verification in Practice


  • Industry professionals (PMVA) looking for advanced training on applied M&V, specifically advanced guidance in developing and implementing detailed M&V plans
  • Utility demand-side management senior program designers, managers, and evaluators
  • M&V team leaders at ESCOs
  • Energy managers, energy engineers, energy consultants, energy teams
  • Energy users implementing comprehensive energy efficiency measures
  • Energy efficiency project facilitators and other M&V consultants
  • Facility managers and buildings owners deploying energy efficiency projects in multiple buildings



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