Fundamentals of Heat Pump Systems: Efficiency, Electrification & Sustainability

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This course is for existing industry professionals or anyone new to heat pumps (HP) and interested in knowing how heat pump systems operate, save energy, and reduce fossil fuel carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Heat pumps now play a significant role in our federal, state, and local government’s plans as part of a world-wide strategy for decarbonization. The instructor will provide information on how to select the best heat pump system for your needs, including the costs, energy savings, environmental impact, and incentives.

Course objectives:

  • About traditional constant volume and variable volume HVAC systems.
  • The types and operation of commercial and residential heat pump systems.
  • What factors should be considered to determine the best heat pump systems for your building.
  • The upfront cost and operating cost for HVAC systems and HP systems.
  • Positives and negatives of HP and HVAC systems.


  • Definitions, abbreviations, and acronyms
  • HVAC - variable air, water, and refrigerant systems
  • Energy efficiency opportunities to enhance HP and HVAC heating and cooling systems
  • Heating only heat pumps and reversible heating and cooling heat pumps
  • Air source heat pump systems
  • Ground source heat pump systems
  • Water source heat pump systems
  • Waste heat or wastewater from industrial or commercial processes
  • Government and other incentives to install HP systems
  • HP and HVAC math and calculations

Who should attend: 
Building owners, representatives and operators, facility managers, O&M professionals, energy managers, energy services companies, and utilities representatives, Building Operators, HVAC professionals.


SAMUEL C. SUGARMAN, C.T.A.B., C.E.M., C.D.S.M., C.I.A.Q.M., is an internationally recognized HVAC and TAB consultant, instructor and author. He has consulted on projects for testing and balancing, performance evaluation, design, retrofit and commissioning of HVAC systems for cleanroom facilities, corporate headquarters, government facilities, office complexes, hotels, hospitals, fume hood labs, major retail establishments, military installations, nuclear power plants, private and public schools, colleges and universities.   Mr. Sugarman was an adjunct professor at San Diego City College, and has also instructed over 250 HVAC, TAB and energy management training programs and seminars for various organizations, including AEE, ASHRAE, and the National Energy Management Institute. He has authored several books and training manuals on topics in the areas of his expertise and has received numerous awards and special recognition for his accomplishments. He currently serves as Board Chairman of the International Registry of CTAB Professionals.

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