Energy Independence

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The Individual Pursuit of Energy Freedom

The 20th century is known to the entire world as a century of American greatness. Innovations in energy drove that American superiority; innovations such as oil pipelines, petroleum-based fuel, the light bulb, electricity, and the power grid. However, our legacy energy economy leaves us wanting in the 21st century. Centralized vulnerability, wasted generation capacity, dependence on foreign fuel, and climate change are financed by every one of us at the pump and in our monthly utility bill.

However, "Energy Freedom" is not about what is wrong with our current energy economy; rather it describes a bright future that is waiting to be unlocked. It presents a plan where the average homeowner can not only achieve Energy Freedom for their household, but usher in the new energy economy.

Table of Contents

1. An Opportunity  

2. The Cost of the Status Quo  

3. The Energy Freedom Fund  

4. Low Hanging Fruit  

5. Finding More Savings  

6. Driving for Free  

7. Own Your Energy  

8. What is the Value of Energy?  

9. The "Why Not" Mindset  

10. The New Energy Economy Epilogue  

Alden M Hathaway and Tripp Hathaway

Alden Hathaway, II, supports solar development and energy efficiency programs for national accounts and utilities as Senior Vice President for Sterling Planet. He works with customers to integrate energy technologies to help them achieve carbon neutral goals while maximizing savings and return on investment. Mr. Hathaway is an Electrical Engineering graduate of the University of Virginia and assisted the USEPA in the launch of Green Lights, Energy Star Buildings and the Green Power Partnership. Mr. Hathaway also served on a White House task force on Climate Change in 1993 and led the First Lady’s Village Power mission program to provide solar powered light to East Africa in 2000. In 2001, Mr. Hathaway’s net zero solar house was featured on the National Mall and in the President’s National Energy Policy. Mr. Hathaway co-founded Solar Light for Africa in 1997 with his father and the Cranberry Isles Community Solar Association in 2020 and serves on both boards. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Georgia, where he resides with his wife, Carol, in their second net zero solar house.

Tripp Hathaway, Director of Business Development in Energy Services sector and co-author of Energy Independence: The Individual Pursuit of Energy Freedom.  Professional Mission: to strengthen the power grid through energy resilience and sustainability with renewable energy and microgrids. Experienced executive and author in the renewable energy industry and a military officer with two overseas, operational deployments. Skilled in business development, marketing, executive level strategic planning, project development, and leadership.

e-ISBN: 9788770226929