Building Energy Basics

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In this educational training course, participants will begin to explore the three main ways buildings use the energy that contributes to their energy bills. Participants will learn about these load types and get an introduction to the systems and machines that make a modern building function. This course also introduces basic thermodynamic concepts and discusses several real-world situations where energy conservation goals and building function collided. Participants will explore common building energy usages and will hear about various measurement practices and best practices for evaluating loads to enhance energy efficiency.

Who Should Attend
New facility managers, new energy auditors, new asset managers, entry-level sustainability professionals, building owners, building operators, property managers, maintenance professionals, business development professionals entering the building science field.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the main ways in which a building uses energy.
  • Explain the basic systems that make a site function.
  • Discuss at a high-level what energy users need when it comes to energy management at the facility level.


Energy Used in Buildings

- HVAC Systems

- Lighting Systems

- Process Systems

Lighting Loads: What, Why, How, Maximize Efficiency, Improve Maintenance

Lighting Output versus Illuminating

Color Rating Index (CRI)

Measuring Lighting Loads to save energy

Building Lighting Control Systems

HVAC Basics

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning

- Hydronic (water)

- Hot Air (furnace)

- Heat Pumps

Cooling Basics

- Chilled Water

- Direct Expansion (Dx)

- Heat Pumps

Building Balance & Law of Thermodynamics

Air Handler Basics (AHU)

Measuring HVAC Energy Use & Why We should Care

Buildings HVAC Utilize 30-40% Energy Use

Sustainability Factors

Process Loads Defined

- Why do we care about Process Loads

- Plug loads (e.g., office equipment)

- Process Energy Pitfalls- A Simple Example

- Smart Plugs for Load Management & Energy Savings


Andrew Vaillencourt is a second-generation energy professional who walked his first facility at the age of twelve. As part of numerous consulting firms, utilities, and ESCO’s, Andrew has provided valuable and actionable energy efficiency services for customers in virtually every type of industry. A frequent speaker at energy events and conferences, Andrew explores the often-predatory marketplace of energy conservation in his book, Silver Bullets: (And Other Energy Efficiency Myths and Magic.  (Available from all fine online booksellers).

As president and principal of SRG Energy Efficiency Services, Andrew continues to serve the energy efficiency marketplace as a trusted consultant, trainer, and building-science subject matter expert. His clients cover a wide swath of the energy and sustainability landscape, including technology start-ups, ESCOs, and sustainability-minded companies all over the world.  In addition, Andrew leads a team that can help commercial & institutional customers with all levels of ASHRAE energy audits, feasibility studies, operation cost assessments, energy modeling, scoping, pricing, and project management, as well as provide owner’s (end user) representation.


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