Introduction to Energy Audits

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With the world paying ever more and more attention to energy efficiency, sustainability, and the environment, energy auditing is rapidly moving to the forefront of the facility, energy, and asset management marketplace. Have you ever wondered what it takes to do a professional energy audit?

This training course will answer your questions about all the pieces and parts that go into producing energy audits for the modern marketplace. This course covers standards, best practices, and also provides some top tips gleaned from the instructor’s two decades of real-world experience. Energy is an essential part of any business, but it can be expensive. By conducting an effective energy audit, it can help decision makers & team members set a plan towards a more efficient enterprise, maximize capital improvement plans, implement whole or partial energy efficiency retrofits, and leverage available utility & governmental rebates and incentives.  This course is the perfect place to begin taking your first steps of a journey into the ever changing & rewarding world of energy auditing.

Who Should Attend:
This course is designed to introduce entry level energy professionals to the process of performing and presenting energy audits.


  • Existing energy professionals who seek a deeper understanding of the different types of energy audits, their value, data collection and reporting techniques. 
  • Lighting auditors/energy efficiency product sales team members looking to expand their skill set into more complicated auditing to bolster their knowledge to better interact with potential customers.
  • Recent college graduates, Veterans, and other professionals looking for employment in the energy efficiency sector.
  • Business development professionals in adjacent markets who find themselves in a position to provide or purvey energy audits.
  • Facility managers, maintenance team members & building operators who want to learn how to do energy audits to optimize efficiency and cost savings.
  • Building owners, property managers and VPs of operations who seek ways to reduce energy costs, enhance overall operations, and comply with energy reporting requirements or organizational sustainability goals.
  • Utility and Energy Service (ESCO) account managers who seek to help their customers identify areas for energy savings and sustainability enhancements.
  • Field technicians looking to graduate from basic field tasks to energy audits.
  • Any person with a good grasp of building science who wants to learn how to present energy efficiency measures to key stakeholders to make energy conservation projects happen.

Learning Objectives:
This course has five main objectives. Upon completion, participants will have a strong understanding of:

  1. The basic types of energy audit as defined by the ASHRAE standard.
    • The course will also discuss when the ASHRAE standard is and is not applicable.
  2. The fundamental pieces that make up any energy audit.
    • Regardless of type or standard, certain things are necessary.
  3. Walkthrough best practices.
    • Topics include safety, professionalism, and process.
  4. How to evaluate quality of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM)
    • Course will discuss the basic parameters that make a given ECM attractive, but will not go into specific ECMs.
  5. Presenting an audit.
    • Basic principles for constructing a professional report that meets the needs of the client or internal energy, facilities, and utilities management team.
    • Best practices and tips included.

The Basics: This educational course is designed to be a surface level overview of these topics. Each of the discussed areas is a course of study unto itself, so it should be understood that a 2 hour presentation does not a professional energy auditor make. However, this course will leave the participant with a clear understanding of what is expected when conducting an energy audit at any level, offer a pathway for further studies in energy auditing and the best ways to get there.

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Andrew Vaillencourt is a second-generation energy professional who walked his first facility at the age of twelve. As part of numerous consulting firms, utilities, and ESCO’s, Andrew has provided valuable and actionable energy efficiency services for customers in virtually every type of industry. A frequent speaker at energy events and conferences, Andrew explores the often-predatory marketplace of energy conservation in his book, Silver Bullets: (And Other Energy Efficiency Myths and Magic.  (Available from all fine online booksellers).

As president and principal of SRG Energy Efficiency Services, Andrew continues to serve the energy efficiency marketplace as a trusted consultant, trainer, and building-science subject matter expert. His clients cover a wide swath of the energy and sustainability landscape, including technology start-ups, ESCOs, and sustainability-minded companies all over the world.  In addition, Andrew leads a team that can help commercial & institutional customers with all levels of ASHRAE energy audits, feasibility studies, operation cost assessments, energy modeling, scoping, pricing, and project management, as well as provide owner’s (end user) representation.


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