Energy Reduction Using ISO 50001

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About Seminar  (2 modules, 2hrs each)
This course was recorded from a live webinar that may include discussions from attendees. 

This webinar will review the genesis and specifics of ISO 50001. The instructor will then describe how to best address energy reduction using this standard, with a great many examples provided for its specific implementation. Also examined will be the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Superior Energy Performance (SEP) program, which incorporates as one element ISO 50001, as well as details on how to achieve this DOE SEP designation.

If your team is already familiar with ISO systems through quality programs like ISO 9001 or 14001, going the next step with ISO 50001 can be relatively easy once you know its specifics. Even without prior ISO experience, many organizations are realizing that ISO 50001 is a fairly easy way to ensure proper energy systems management and achieve energy reduction, while at the same time improving the community or corporate image.

You will leave this session with a much clearer understanding of what the ISO standard encompasses, and how to apply/implement this to meet, and likely surpass your specific energy reduction desires or needs.


Why ISO Programs and Energy?

  • History of ISO 50001
  • Overview Plan / Do / Check / Act Systems Description
  • Discussion of Value-Add Considerations for Integrating ISO 50001, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001
  • How and When to Use ISO 50001
  • How to Sell ISO 50001 • Management Responsibilities
  • Developing an Energy Policy
  • The PLANNING Phase Elements - the Heart of Success
  • Assembling, Reviewing and Using Legal Requirements
  • Defining Significant Energy Users (SEU)
  • Identifying and Establishing Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI)
  • Setting Goals and Objectives
  • Identifying and Using Relevant Variables

The DOING Phase Elements

  • Required Training
  • Required Employee Awareness
  • Determining Operational Controls
  • Understanding and Documenting Competence
  • Communication Requirements
  • Requirements for Documentation
  • Energy Design, and Energy Procurement, and Energy Specification Requirements
  • The CHECKING and ACT Phase Elements
  • Management Review Processes
  • System Monitoring and Measurement - Methods and Requirements 
  • Calibration Requirements
  • General Audit Process
  • Definition and Types of Non-Conformances
  • Incorporating Energy Audits, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Behavioral Elements
  • DOE Superior Energy Performance and ISO 50001, Its Specific Standard


Lourerio Energy Team
Provides end users with cost-effective energy use and carbon footprint reduction plans and help clients implement these plans to achieve substantial energy reduction.  They have experience with over 1,000 manufacturing clients and have an in-depth understanding of a variety of industrial processes.  They provide energy assistance through a wide variety of programs which they tailor to integrate with existing management systems. Their services are led by professionals with years of practical experience who have managed energy at facilities ranging from individual sites to large worldwide organizations. They have senior design members who have engineered and installed energy-efficient systems, including renewable energy fuel cells. 


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