Lighting 101: Focus on LED

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About  the  Course
This webinar focuses on LED and other solid state lighting (SSL), but still includes legacy lighting products, such as incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and high intensity and some comparison between these new and old technologies. Light and various lighting terms are listed and defined. Both the visual and non-visual or biologic parts of the visual system are discussed. Since Human Centric Lighting is becoming the next big step in lighting, and may become more significant than Edison creating the light bulb, that is introduced. Glossary and Acronyms documents will also be provided. 


  • Light
    • Definition
    • SPD
    • Lumens
    • Candela
    • Footcandles and LUX
    • Kelvin
    • CRI
    • Photoreceptors
  • Old & new technologies
    • Rated life differences
    • L70
    • LM79
    • Light output comparison

  • Legacy products
    • Diameter coding
    • Types
      • Incandescent
      • Halogen
      • Halogen infrared
      • Fluorescent
      • High intensity discharge (HID)
        • High pressure sodium (HPS)
        • Metal halide (MH)
        • Ceramic metal halide (CMH)
      • Ballasts
      • Incumbent lighting fixtures
      • Fixture efficiency

General information

  • Good places to get info
  • Rebate info
  • Dimming & Flicker
  • Point by point lighting layout
  • Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) handbook and recommendations
  • Quality of Lighting Wizards
  • The aged eye

  • Solid State Lighting (SSL)
    • LED
      • General
        • Structure
        • Blue pumped LED with fluorescent
        • SPD comparison with equivalent Kelvin fluorescent
      • Screw-in lamps
      • TLEDs (LED T8s)
      • Light bars
      • Troffers and troffer kits
      • Hibays (high bays)
        • Cosine and batwing distribution
      • Garage fixtures
      • Pole fixtures
      • Floods
      • Wallpacks
      • Canopy fixtures
      • Wall washing
    • Organic LEDs (OLEDs) & laser diodes
Human Centric Lighting
  • What it is
  • Light as a drug compared to caffeine
  • Jet Lag
  • School, sports teams and hospital applications
  • Products
  • Human Centric Lighting Society


Learning Objectives

  1. Learn general lighting terms.
  2. Understand terms for legacy lighting products.
  3. Comprehend terms for LED and other SSL products.
  4. Realize some of the differences and similarities between legacy and SSL products.
  5. Get a basic understanding of Human Centric Lighting.


About the Instructor

Stan Walerczyk is principal of Lighting Wizards, an energy efficient consulting firm. His 27 years lighting experience includes distribution, maintenance, retrofit contracting, 3rd party review, consulting, design, luminaire design, policy making and research. He assisted DOE research on spectrally enhanced lighting. He has written over 100 white papers and published articles and presented 1000 seminars, including at 5 Lightfairs, 4 AEE WEECs, 3 IES Annual Conferences, 2 Strategies in Light, 1 LightShow West and several IES and AEE sections. He is a CLEP and on the CLEP review board. In late 2014, he allowed his LC to expire. He is currently on the IES Spectral Effects and Energy Management Committees. He is vice-chair the Human Centric Lighting Society. The AEE published his book ‘Lighting & Controls: Transitioning to the Future’.


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