Life Cycle Cost & Discounted Cash Flow Analysis for Energy Projects

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About Seminar  (2 modules, 2hrs each)
This course was recorded from a live webinar that may include discussions from attendees. 

You will learn how to calculate project economic “figures-of-merit” such as:

- Net present value

- Internal rate of return

- Levelized cost

- Projected payback

While this seminar is appropriate for those with no prior training or experience with the topic, it is also designed to serve as a valuable refresher course, presenting important updates on how to utilize the most up-to-date analysis techniques for those who do have prior experience in the field.


- DCFA - All You Need to Know on One Slide

- Time Value of Money / Discount Rate

- DCF Standard Assumptions and Mathematics

- Inflation

- Taxes

- Depreciation

- Useful, Economic, and Depreciable Lifetimes

- Economic Figures of Merit

- Homework Problems

Presentation of TEAM (The Economic Analysis Model)


• Project data

• Initial capital costs

• Annually recurring costs

• Revenues

• Interim capital replacement costs

• Depreciation

• Results

• Special situations or making the model “dance”

Sample Problems Using TEAM

Daryl Brown is currently the Chief Engineer for STARS Technology, Inc. and owner of Energy Technology Analysis, LLC.  Previously, Mr. Brown was a Senior Staff Engineer at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where he was responsible for evaluating the cost, performance, and economics of advanced energy technologies.  Mr. Brown has a B.S. in chemical engineering from Oregon State University and an M.B.A. from the University of Washington.


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