Sustainability Strategies for Colleges and Universities and Campus Environment

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Earn 4 PDH | .4 CEU

About Seminar  (2 modules, 2hrs each)

MODULE 1 (approximate 2hours)


Provide the Strategic Sustainability Management Process for a college and/or university to achieve the best safe, healthy, clean environment and sustainable campus possible with available resources. Everyone on campus can learn how they can contribute to sustainability achievement and how important it is that they do.


- Understand People Important to the College or University Roles and Responsibilities.

- Become Familiar with What Sustainability Is and How It Applies to Our Colleges and Universities.

- Understand Top Management’s Need for Leadership and Ownership of Strategic Sustainability Management and The Process to Follow

- Learn What an Individual Can Do To Contribute Everyday To Sustainability.

- Become familiar with Being an ECO Representative and Serving on a Green team.

- Become Familiar With What a Department Can Do To Contribute Daily To Sustainability


First, the participants are reminded how diverse and large college campuses are.  They have to be maintained, safe, secure, and livable for students as well as providing an excellent workplace for staff and faculty.

Sustainability’s three pillars-economic, environmental-social are explained along with the six sustainability principles. The Vision-Mission-Values-Goals-Strategies & Plans-Objectives-Measurements-Reviews Process is explained with examples. Plans for reducing green house gas emissions, increasing energy renewable, and reducing water reduction are demonstrated.

Sustainability requires everyone participation to become a reality. Actions that both individuals and departments can accomplish everyday to help the campus reach a sustainable level are explained and outlined. Being an ECO Rep and serving on a Green Team are two of the ways that an individual can contribute.  Their roles and responsibilities are outlined.


MODULE 2 (approximate 2hours)

Operationalize the components comprising sustainability at a college or university campus.  Provide the concepts that are easy to understand and easy to apply that will enable efficient development and implementation of sustainable elements.


- Become Familiar With Sustainability PARTS Concept That Operationalizes Sustainability.

- Know the Relationship Between The Sustainability Pillars and the Sustainability PARTS.

- Be Able To Identify Areas For Improvement That Will Improve Your Greening Strategy and Then Develop the Sustainability Plan of Action. Learn an Effective Table of Contents for the Plan.

- Understand Each Letter of PART and How To Use Its Contents To Improve Your Campus’s Sustainability Program.

- Know How To Align Your Vectors to Improve Organizational Effectiveness and Use Enablers To Arrive at Logical Answers.

- Be Able To Achieve Maximum Recycling and People Involvement Using Metrics, Goals, and Communications.


Develop and outline the Sustainability PARTS innovative product that shows the major sustainability elements.  These elements are then shown their relationship to the three sustainable pillars-economic-environment-social.

In order to identify improvement opportunities, a sustainable improvement instrument is included.  The answers are in the stop light format enabling quick identification of areas needing some improvement, those that need a lot of improvement and those elements that are on track.  Evaluation of one major area is shown to show how to go from the instrument to plan of actions.  A Table of Contents for the Sustainability Plan is outlined and explained.

How to align the vectors to have an effective organization to implement sustainability in all PARTS elements is discussed.  How to get the most from a recycling and reuse program is shown.

Threats to sustainability are outlined.  The institution must guard against these and have an emergency plan and projects to mitigate their impact if they materialize.

Persons Who Should Participate:

Any Leader, Manager or Sustainability Team Member or Leader, Manager, or Team Member or Sustainability Office Personnel and those in any of the PARTS Areas Plus

  • Energy Managers
  • Energy Champions
  • Energy Engineers
  • Program Managers
  • Energy Auditors
  • Environmental Manager
  • Environmental Team Members
  • Climate Action  Plan Team Members
  • Sustainability Guidance Team
  • Transportation Managers
  • Facilities Managers
  • Energy Analysts
  • Directors of Physical Plant
  • Energy Engineers     
  • Energy Consultants
  • Coordinating Engineers
  • Directors and Managers of Capital & Infrastructure
  • Plant and Facility Engineers
  • Building Owners and Managers
  • Facility and Maintenance Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Environmental Managers
  • Transportation Managers
  • Members of Climate Action Plan Team
  • Account Managers
  • Maintenance Consultants & Contractors
  • Government Planners and Managers

About the Instructor
MARVIN T. HOWELL holds a BS degree in mechanical engineering from Mississippi State University and a Masters in industrial engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. As a contracted senior environmental associate with Analytical Services Inc., Mr. Howell implemented environmental management systems at eight U.S. DEA facilities, including labs, division offices, an intelligence center and an air operations center. In this capacity, he was instrumental in planning and designing several energy management initiatives that resulted in significant energy cost saving improvements throughout the DEA facilities.

Mr. Howell past away many years ago leaving a legacy of knowledge in the energy, buildings and sustainable industry.


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