Energy Savings Measurement, Verification and the Importance of the IPMVP

Posted by Brian Thumann on

The International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) owned and updated by Efficiency Valuation Organization #evo is a framework for evaluating the performance of energy efficiency projects. It is designed to provide a global common language and set of standards for measuring, verifying, and reporting the performance of such projects. This makes it possible for all stakeholders in the energy efficiency market, including energy users, utilities, energy service companies, and state energy offices, to compare the performance of different projects and make informed decisions about investments in energy efficiency.

One of the key benefits of the IPMVP is that it allows energy users, utilities, and other stakeholders to accurately measure and verify the savings generated by energy efficiency projects. This is important because it provides a means of evaluating the effectiveness of projects, factor in adjustments and it allows stakeholders to determine whether the investments they are making are yielding the desired results.

Another benefit of the IPMVP is that it promotes transparency and accountability in the energy efficiency market. By establishing a common set of standards and guidelines for measuring and verifying energy savings, the IPMVP ensures that all stakeholders have access to the same information and can make informed decisions about their investments.

Energy Service Performance Contracts - energy savings performance contracts typically require measurement and verification to ensure that the energy savings goals outlined in the contract are being met. This typically involves using specialized equipment such as metering and techniques to accurately measure and track the energy savings achieved through the implementation of the contract. The exact requirements for measurement and verification will vary depending on the specific details of the contract and the regulations in place in the area where the contract is taking place.

The IPMVP also helps to support the development of the energy efficiency market by providing a framework for determining the value of energy efficiency projects. This can help to attract additional financial investments in the sector, ensure confidence and drive further innovation and growth.

Overall, the IPMVP provides a valuable tool for energy users, utilities, ESCOS, state energy offices, and other stakeholders involved in the energy efficiency market. By enabling accurate measurement and verification of energy savings, promoting transparency and accountability, and supporting the development of the market, the IPMVP can help to drive progress towards a more sustainable and efficient energy system.
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