Energy Indicators that Drive Results

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About Seminar  (1 modules, 2hrs)

This seminar will help you become familiar with energy performance indicators as well as how to develop good indicators. Learn how to be familiar with the CSFs and energy reduction checklist so you are able to use them, and much more.


  • Measurement Philosophy
  • Six Often Asked Questions on Measurement
  • Why Measure
  • Where To Measure
  • When to Measure
  • How-Good Indicator Characteristics
  • How Do You Develop
    ----SMART Objectives
    ----Ratios and Percents
    ----Stop Light
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    ----Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Metrics/Measures
    ----Where Does Energy Metrics Come From
    ----Electricity Cycle’s Objectives and Measures
    ----Power Delivery Objectives
    ----Use Objectives
    ----Consume Objectives
    ----Pay Objectives
    ----Electricity Cycle Measures
    ----Electricity KWH Consumption By Month
    ----Electricity Intensity
    ----Peak Demand
    ----Electricity Load Factor
    ----Electricity Intensity
    ----Conversions to BTU
  • Energy Team CSFs
    ----Energy Critical Success factors
    ----CSF 1-Top Management
    ----CSF 2-Resources Provided
    ----CSF 3-Objectives and Targets
    ----CSF 4-Communications
    ----CSF 5-Employee Involvement
    ----CSF 6 Significant Contributions Identified
    ----Using CSFs to Accelerate Implementation
    ----Team Scores Example
    ----CSFs Scores Graph Example
  • Energy Reduction Checklist
    ----Energy Reduction Checklist Results
  • Building Your Roadmap Process
    ----Road Map or Action Plan
    ----Gantt Chart
  • Plan Effectiveness Checklist
  • Meetings Effectiveness Checklist
  • What if Our Plan is Off Track?
    ----Energy Reduction Program
    ----Technique to Identify Potential Root Causes
    ----Our Energy Reduction Program is Failing
    ----Root Cause Identification Matrix-Top Management
    ---- Root Cause Identification Matrix-Energy Organization
    ---- Root Cause Identification Matrix-Money
    ---- Root Cause Identification Matrix-Processes
    ---- Root Causes and Countermeasures
  • Energy Reduction Stages
  • Identification of 22 Potential Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs)
    ----1. Energy KWH Consumption-A Must
    ----2. Electricity Intensity-A Must
    ----3. Electricity Costs-A Must
    ----4. Electricity Costs Intensity
    ----5.  Renewable Energy
    ----6. Electric Load Factor
    ----7. Power Factor
    ----8. Power Factor Adjustment Fee
    ----9. Demand Response Dollars
    ----10. Demand KWH Saved
    ----11. Energy Productivity
    ----12.  Technical Efficiency
    ----13. Energy Intensity in BTUs-A Must
    ----14. Electricity Consumption per Degree Day
    ----15. Electricity Consumption per Production Level
    ----16. Per Cent Energy Related Plans that are Current
    ----17. Energy Efficiency
    ----18. Energy Waste
    ----19. Critical Success Factors
    ----20. Energy Reduction Checklist
    ----21. Per Cent Energy Meetings that Achieved Purpose
    ----22. Per Cent Energy Meetings that Started and Finished on Time.
  • Energy Dashboards
    ----Building Your Dashboard

About the Instructor
MARVIN T. HOWELL holds a BS degree in mechanical engineering from Mississippi State University and a Masters in industrial engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. As a contracted senior environmental associate with Analytical Services Inc., Mr. Howell implemented environmental management systems at eight U.S. DEA facilities, including labs, division offices, an intelligence center and an air operations center. In this capacity, he was instrumental in planning and designing several energy management initiatives that resulted in significant energy cost saving improvements throughout the DEA facilities.

Mr. Howell past away many years ago leaving a legacy of knowledge in the energy, buildings and sustainable industry.


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