Small Scale Cogeneration

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About Seminar  (2 modules, 2hrs each; 3rd module 1hr)
This course was recorded from a live webinar that may include discussions from attendees. 

Get cogeneration and on-site power technologies and examine regulatory, economic and security considerations of generating your own power. You’ll learn how to go about planning, designing and implementing cogeneration and on-site power projects, You’ll be given the technical, financial and legal expertise you need to evaluate your options and maximize the return on your investment. Each participant will also receive a Microsoft® Excel® tool for assessing cogeneration projects.

In the wake of deregulation of the electric power market, many forward-thinking companies are seriously re-evaluating how they will be obtaining their electricity in the years ahead. Cogeneration and other forms of self-generation are increasingly becoming an attractive option for many businesses.

This program will bring you up to date on current cogeneration and on-site power technologies and examine the present regulatory picture, as well as the economic and supply security aspects of generating your own power. The instructor will present you with a systematic approach for weighing alternatives in the design of cogeneration and on-site generation systems, as well as for evaluating the economic feasibility of action in your specific situation.

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Introduction To Cogeneration & Its History Regulatory Actions, Past & Present

Where Purpa Began & Where It’s Going

• Ferc Regulations
• Minimum Efficiency For Qualified Facilities
• Uses Of Cogeneration Converting Waste Heat To Energy
• Hot Water, Steam & Air Conditioning
• Applying & Sizing The Proper Cogeneration System For A Facility
• Gathering & Analyzing Present Utility Usage
• Insuring Minimum FERC Efficiency Is Met
• What To Do If Over-Production Of Electricity Is Indicated

Permitting Requirements
• Local Permitting
• Utility Permitting
• Air Quality Permitting Issues
• Pitfalls Of Cogeneration

What Needs To Be Done To Insure A Positive Return On Investment
• Financing Cogeneration Projects

• Shared Savings Agreements
• Paybacks
• Case Histories

Demonstration Of Successful Cogeneration Projects
• Comparing Analysis With Audit
• Available Technology

• Microturbines
• Large Gas Turbines
• Ancillary Equipment

Heat Exchangers
• Absorber Chillers
• Distributed Generation

Where/How Cogeneration Fits
• Comprehensive Computer Program For Cogen Project Planning & Assessment:

Hands-On Demonstration Tools
• Each participant will also receive a

Microsoft® Excel® tool for assessing cogeneration projects ($50 value). The program can be used for determining the proper size of a cogen system, assessing economic benefits, and calculating return on investment results.

Bernard Kolanowski is a mechanical engineer having received his BSc degree from The Pennsylvania State University. His career spans the application of engineered products to various industries seeking solutions. Cogeneration is his current focus, applying systems both large and small to various commercial and industrial establishments, utilizing engines, microturbines, and gas turbines.

Also available eBook by Mr. Kolanowski, just released for 2022









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