Combining Environmental and Energy Management Systems for Increased Efficiency and Lower Costs

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Earn 2 PDH | .2 CEU

About Seminar  (1 modules, 2hrs)

Module 1 Objectives 

  1. Learn the Advantages of Combining EMS And EnMS.
  2. Become Familiar with EMS and EnMS Relationship.
  3. Learn the Basic Elements of EMS and EnMS.
  4. Learn the Common Elements in Both and New Changes Added to EnMS.
  5. Learn the Areas That Can Be Combined and the Efficiencies That Result.




Quote: Why EnMS is Needed

Continuous Improvement

EMS and EnMS Relationship

Basic Elements of an EMS

Basic Elements of an EnMS

Common Elements

Changes Added to EnMS

Overview of EMS

Overview of EnMS

Combine the Policies

Combine X-F Teams

New Team Roles and Responsibilities

Combine Training

Combine Training Example

Other Areas That Can Be Consolidated

MARVIN T. HOWELL holds a BS degree in mechanical engineering from Mississippi State University and a Masters in industrial engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. As a contracted senior environmental associate with Analytical Services Inc., Mr. Howell implemented environmental management systems at eight U.S. DEA facilities, including labs, division offices, an intelligence center and an air operations center. In this capacity, he was instrumental in planning and designing several energy management initiatives that resulted in significant energy cost saving improvements throughout the DEA facilities.

Mr. Howell past away many years ago leaving a legacy of knowledge in the energy, buildings and sustainable industry.

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